• Defy the crises!

    The GOLDEUM Gold Reserve protects you from financial crises.

  • Sleep soundly at night!

    The GOLDEUM Gold Reserve always retains its value.

  • An island of tranquillity

    The GOLDEUM Gold Reserve brings security and comfort to your finances.


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Did you know that paper-based savings only guarantee a face value?

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How will you feel if your money and savings become worthless?

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Do you really want to build your future and security on paper-based promises?

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Are you ready for the next crisis, or will it find you vulnerable?

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Gold is the only real money, everything else is just a promise.

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Do not take the risk of building your future on paper-based promises.

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Do you want to protect the value of your savings or continue risking it?

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The GOLDEUM Gold Reserve is available to you, too!

GOLDEUM – European Gold Management

“With the power of gold”

GOLDEUM Zrt was established to promote, popularize, support, facilitate, and serve the creation of physical gold reserves in areas of Europe where, for historical, political, or economic reasons, this form of saving has not become part of everyday, responsible, safe financial thinking. Our company deeply believes in the stable value and unique safety features of physical gold reserves.

The founders and employees of GOLDEUM Zrt have decades of experience in the field of building up physical gold reserves. For our company, gold reserves are a business of security and trust.

Contact information:

GOLDEUM Zrt. – European Gold Management

Hungary, 1211 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos u. 79/A. fszt. 1.

+36 1 445 3055

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